Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Volvo V70 estate 2.4 4x4 AWD low mileage for sale

I am selling my Volvo estate for £800 ono.

It is tough as old boots and has only done 113,000 miles which is nothing for its age (1998).

The engine is a 2.4 litre job so nice and powerful for climbing the Pennine Hills and the All Wheel Drive 4x4 system means its happy negotiating tracks, snow, floods, mud or just about anything else you'd care to put in its way.

It has a variety of useful extras, such as heated front seats (which I love), a trip computer, part leather interior, heated mirrors, a detachable Volvo towbar, a dog guard for the back etc...

The main reason anyone gets a Volvo estate of course is for its vast load carrying capability. I even got a full size electric piano in the boot once without even having to put the back seats down.

The road tax runs out at the end of the month but I have just got it put through its MOT (September) so you know you're not buying a dog.

It also has loads of paperwork, old service bills etc.

Obviously, its 14 years old so is not in showroom condition but the only bad bits are on the front left side of the bumper where an idiot in a van scraped it and there's a wee patch of peeling laquer on the front left door.

If you're interested, just give me a call on 07706022105 or email me at to come and have a look.