Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upper Calder Valley Websites Wanted

In keeping with my "new chapter" theme, I thought I'd take a quick look at the long list of Upper Calder Valley websites I link to at the side of this blog.

To be fair, I've not relly vetted this list for a year or so but I was still shocked at the realisation that a third or so of them no longer exist.

I'm not sure whether this is any indication of the worsening economic conditions in the area or whether this is just "natural churn" as people give up some ideas and start other ones. Some, like the Hole in t'Wall pub, we know have ceased trading, but hopefully most authors of the now-defuct sites will have gone on to create new ones.

In any case, if you know of a site based in, or relevant to the Upper Calder Valley, that is to say anywhere between Luddenden and Walsden, just drop me a line to and I will (probably) add it to the list!