Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacancy - Executive Director, Hebden Bridge Community Association Ltd

Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/

Hebden Bridge Community Association is looking for its - first-ever - Executive Director. 

Hebden Bridge Town Hall is one of the very few town hall buildings in Britain to be owned and managed by the local community, the result of a pioneering ‘asset transfer' from the local council into the hands of a member-led charitable trust. 

They're proud of what they've managed to do so far. Thanks to community pressure and hard work, a neglected building has found a new lease of life in the heart of our active community. And now they're looking to appoint their senior member of staff, somebody who will share their excitement about what has already been achieved, and who will also have the skills to move them forward into the next stage of their development. You'll be working closely with their team of committed and experienced trustees to make the most of some great opportunities. 

If you feel that you have the energy and commitment to make this new post your own, you'll find details at

The deadline for applications is Friday September 30th.