Friday, April 8, 2011

Part time admin vacancy - NOW CLOSED


British Recycled Products has a part-time admin vacancy at our office in the centre of Hebden Bridge.

At the moment we have one person who looks after customer service and ordering, amongst other tasks, and and another who looks after the book-keeping and accounts side of things but they both do seem to be flat out a lot of the time. (Obviously, other members of the team do their fair share of admin too!)

One works full time and the other does three full days (although that often increases) so what I’d like is someone who has experience of office admin, together with Microsoft Office/Open Office and ideally (but not essentially) SAGE, to give them some support and do a bit of the “heavy lifting”.

This might suit someone with school age kids who would like to work between 10am to 2.30pm or thereabouts at £8.50/ph. This is not set in stone however and can be discussed.

Initially, it will be a 3 month contract.

Most people working here live in Hebden Bridge or fairly nearby and this is something that seems to work well. Getting up after the commuters have left and walking to and from work is always better than sitting in traffic or on a crowded train!

If you're interested, please send an email for the attention of Jenna to with a covering note and and your CV.

For a chat about the job, and what it's like to work here, feel free to call Jenna on 01422 844 716