Friday, February 11, 2011

Help the Calder High Pace Eggers

As tradition dictates, students from Calder High School will again be performing the age old play around Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall and for the first time at the New Delight at Jack Bridge. The Midgley Pace Egg has been performed by students from Calder High for over 50 years and is enjoyed by all. 

The students are very proud of the fact that they organise rehearsal schedules and produce the Pace Egg totally independently. They are a dedicated bunch and perform purely for the enjoyment of their local community and to raise funds for local charities. They each consider it a great privilege to be able to perform the oldest play in the world in front of  a wide and varied audience, made up from the wider community and visitors to our  valley.

Unfortunately this year the cast have discovered that the Pace Egg costumes  - familiar to us all, have suffered from flood damage whilst in storage at school and have subsequently been thrown away, without informing the group. The costume are extremely important to the Pace Eggers, each character immediately recognisable from a distance by the traditional pink shirts a beribboned hats.

Although discussions have taken place, it doesn't look like much money will be forthcoming from school as reimbursement for the loss. The players are working on ways to raise funds to buy and make replacements. In times when the younger generation appear to be constantly criticised in the media for their behaviour,  many young people in our  valley strive and succeed in proving them wrong.  It is traditions like the Pace Egg that show us what a Great Generation we really have. Calder High should be very proud of their students, and we should be proud to have them as members of our community.

The students presenting the Calder High Midgley Pace Egg Play are very keen for any help you may be able to offer. They are desperately in need of new swords - the most difficult of the props to replace. The swords had a metal  (very) blunt blade and hefty wooden handle, and replacing these would require the help of a metal worker.  Wooden swords just aren't up to the dramatic energy exuded during a Pace Egg play unfortunately! If there are any metal workers out there able to help...PLEASE  get in touch! The rest of the costumes, shirts etc can be made with a little help from mums and friends able to use a sewing machine, but the swords, as I'm sure you all appreciate require slightly more specialist skills.

Any help with any part of recreating this ancient tradition will be very gratefully accepted by the Calder High Pace Egg Players.

Please contact Billy Painter on or  Vanessa Kay on  if you feel you can help in any way.