Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop moaning and get elected!

Having seen with the success of the skatepark project what the young people of Hebden can achieve when they put their minds to it, hopefully a few will now come and get elected on to the local Hebden Royd Town Council.

Quite a few of the current members of the council are standing down next May and frankly, given the attendance records of some of the others, there is a good opportunity for a thorough shake-up.

Hebden Royd has a long tradition of Independant councillors, so if you don't fancy joining any of the current political parties because you think they're all the same, don't worry about it. It won't affect whether or not you can stand for election.

'It may seem a long time away but if you want to be involved with the local election process in May 2011 now is the time to act' says Jason Boom, Clerk to Hebden Royd Town Council. 'It's especially important to make sure you are on the electoral role if you intend to stand as a candidate in the parish elections as without this 'role' number your application cannot be accepted.'

'The system allows you to stand for election in a parish if you live there, have your primary place of work there or live within 3 miles of the boundary' added Jason 'but you must be on the 'role' somewhere to qualify'. To help prospective candidates who may be considering standing for election in the parish of Hebden Royd there is a chance to find out more on the 10th November at the Council Offices in Hebden Bridge.

The Town Clerk and senior members of Hebden Royd Town Council will be on hand to unlock some of the mysteries of how a parish councillor can support and help their communities. The evening starts at 7.30pm and refreshments will be available.