Friday, May 21, 2010

World On Your Doorstep festival to return to Hebden Bridge in 2011

Photos by Chris Ratcliffe/

I'm very pleased to say that, having missed a couple of years, the much-loved World on your Doorstep festival will be returning to Hebden Bridge in July 2011.

I've just been speaking with Lauren Arthington, one of the new festival directors, about their plans and looks as though they will be building on the great legacy left by the Trades Club to create a festival that will surpass previous years in both scale and content.

Part of the plan is to hold a series of gigs, events and workshops, starting in August 2010 and going on from there, to spread the word, broaden the community involvement, and help raise much-needed funds, before the mother-of-all-hebden-festivals in July of 2011!

If you are in a good quality band or are a performer that would like to have the spotlight on your talents by being showcased at this amazing festival, or at any of the warm-up events, especially if you have personnel or styles that are from elsewhere in the world, drop me a line to jason at jasonelliott dot co dot uk and I will forward your details on.

At this moment, there is not much in the pot, so while expenses can of course be covered, fat fees are not on the table.

More info will be posted here as I get it...

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