Monday, May 24, 2010

Hebden Royd Councillor Attendance

I've just got my paws on The Hebden Royd Annual Report, May 09 to April 10, produced by the Town Council. It gives a little overview of what's been happening, but the part that interests me is always the Councillors attendance record.

Highest performers this year Dave Young (as usual) who attended 100% of both Full Council and Committee meetings that he was supposed to be at, as did Jade Smith, although she no longer attends committee meetings. Also up for honours are Lesley Jones who attended all Full Council Meetings and 22 of 24 committee meetings, and Robin Dixon (the new mayor) who was there for 14 of 16 Full Council Meetings and a staggering 39 of 40 possible committee meetings. Also "mentioned in dispatches" would be Chris Sawer and Catherine Groves.

At the other end of the scale we have Michael Smith, who attended only 2 of the 16 Full Council meetings and none of the 6 committee meetings.

There's a town council election next year by the way....

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