Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hebden Skatepark website back up and running

I'm pleased to say that the Hebden Bridge Skatepark website is back up and running after being destroyed by a hacker.

This was one of a number of local and community sites the hacker destroyed including those of the Big Green Weekend, artists Sarah McDade and Roo Waterhouse, social enterprise advisor Adrian Ashton, women and children's boxing club, Box 4 Fitness, the Mytholmroyd Shotokan Karate Club, the 500 faces of Hebden Bridge etc etc...

I've still got some photos to add to the skatepark site but there's a lot of text and information on there now, so go and check it out peeps.

If you have you own website or blog, please link to it too. :-)

1 comment:

berylmorton said...

Great photo! Whenever I pass the park I feel tempted to have a go on the ramps but then the fear of public humiliation (and how to explain the injuries to the A&E doctors?) I fear 56 is too old to start skateboarding...

I'm glad the websites are returning and hope the person/people responsible for the hacking get their just desserts.