Monday, February 22, 2010

UK Big Freeze Flashmob

The UK Big Freeze is the largest flashmob ever to hit the UK, taking place in 25 Cities UK wide at the same time. The UKBF will feature all participants suddenly freezing in pre-determined poses at the same time for 5 minutes before unfreezing and continuing on as normal.

When is it happening?
12:30pm on Saturday 13th March 2010

Where is it happening?
The specific place you will be freezing is on St. Georges Square and down the first 100ft of Bridge Gate (if it is excessively busy on the day you can spread a bit further down Bridge Gate).

What do I do?
At 12:30pm, two short sharp airhorn blows will mark the beginning of the event. When you hear them, continue as you are but count to 10 in your head. When you reach 10, freeze into your position and hold. After the 5 mins is up you will hear two more airhorn blows. Again, hold your position and count to 10, then at 10, carry on with whatever you where doing before the freeze.

If you want to keep informed, the best way is to join the Facebook group.

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