Saturday, February 13, 2010

The stuff MPs are made of

Open most newspapers these days and there seem innumerable stories about the malign greed of MPs. If the headlines don't just turn you off and you dig a little deeper, you will, of course, find that behind the sensational headlines there are really but a handful of "baddies".

The truth is generally pretty different, and virtually all MPs have such an ethos of service built in, that they are prepared to subject themselves and their families to public scrutiny, spend much of their working life away from home, and work some extraordinary hours between constituencies, parliament and their offices.

This sense of duty and service is something I have personally experienced in exemplary fashion on a couple of occasions now.

The first, well documented, time was when organising my first Big Green Weekend, our current MP, Chris McCafferty was the very first person to contact me offering their services.

The second has just occured.

You may have seen my recent post about a friend of mine, currently living in his van, who was looking for a caravan. Only one person has contacted me so far with info, and the promise that they are following up some leads to try and get hold of a caravan.

Well, it wasn't Chris McC this time, instead, someone after her job. One of the six parliamentary candidates for her Calder Valley seat...

These are incredibly busy people, busier than me by a long shot, yet one of them was bothered enough about a homeless person that they didn't know, nor were even likely to meet, to go out of their way to try and do something about it.

I'm sure you know, from the things that have gone on recently, which one of the six it wasn't. But who of the remaining five was it?

Well, for know, I'm not telling, so as to save all concerned from the usual cries of "Unfair!" "You're biased!" from one particular camp. (Although I reserve the right to do so at some point in the future.)

The truth is, it could have easily been any of them. For these people, service is what its all about. So, come the next election, get off your backsides and vote.

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CBS said...

Please tell us who the good guy or gall is, and whether you friend gets a caravan!