Friday, February 5, 2010

Spammers attack forums

If you read the discussion that occured following on from my post last year about Chris Ratcliffe and the Hebweb, you will have noticed that much of Kevin McDougall's (Hebdenbridgelist editor) critisism centred around the format of the website.

He made particular reference to Chris manually moderating the Hebweb forum saying "Additionally, Given the dozens of methods now available for preventing spam on forums, there is simply no excuse for manually 'moderating' the Hebweb 'forum'."

In view of recent events (see images) it could be that he has changed his mind...

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Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence or have I watched too many X Files?

There have been some disgusting threads on the Tod/Heb List Forums as of late, usually started by 'Wyatt' (whoever he is)and no matter how libelous, have been allowed to be posted by the administrator Kevin McDougall.

Seemingly after supposed threats of legal action all the threads have been removed, yet blamed upon local spammers...??


Anonymous said...

Regarding the banning.. I was banned from the site for posting a fair comment about Steph Booth. I was shocked as Kevin McDougall seemed to be allowing very nasty comments against other party members on there, so when I messaged him to ask why he had deleted my comment which was not nasty in the slightest he replied "it's a judgement thing". Steph Booth must hold a special place in his heart.