Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Live at the Hole In t’ Wall - March 11th

Thursday March 11th 2010 @ Hole In t’ Wall, Hangingroyd lane, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm, free entry.

Svarte Greiner is the one man project of Erik K. Skodvin (one half of the duo Deaf Center and the man behind the Miasmah label). While the duo create dusty grey soundscapes in a surrealistic world of sounds not far from that of David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti, Svarte Greiner is further exploration into a darker, more mysterious and disturbed universe. Drawing inspirations from artists such as Earth, Volcano The Bear, David Darling & Deathprod, the output is draped in lynchian mysticism and horror film cinematics.

An ever shifting group of people, Ithaca Trio also manage to cover a variety of styles in their music - ranging from slow burning deep ambient pieces reminiscent of Machinefabriek on a calm day or Jasper TX, they're also at home producing clear as a bell rythmic pieces based around (ahem) 'real' instrumentation, taking nods from Steve Reich or John Fahey.

Jednota is a project from Yorkshire who has found freedom by making music on his own rather than playing and writing music with other people. The whole concept is finding music within music, sounds from natural things rather than just using 'normal' instruments and instead using wind up toys and music boxes and samples from film, tv and radio.

Relmic Statute is Leeds-based artist David Horner, who assembles lulling, grainy soundscapes based on the splicing of field recordings collected from cassettes and old 1/4-inch tape.

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