Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lightcliffe and Hipperholme Debate

Sorry it's taken a while to get anything up about this.

There were only 15 or so of us braving the snow on a school night to represent Hebden Bridge but, although being invited by the organisers (and asked not to go by the local Labour party!), we made it.

Far from being a baying mob as portrayed by the Booth camp, all those present (with two exceptions) behaved impeccably.

What were the exceptions?

Well, the chair, no doubt fearing pitchfork weilding, veg throwing, flaming brand waving Hebdenites, high on blood-lust, asked that anyone on the floor wishing to intervene should put their hand up and wait for his invitation. Everyone complied, except for Matt Baker, Steph Booth's campaign manager, who started shouting at Craig Whittaker whilst pretenting he was a neutral bystander.

(When asked by another audience member who he was, and being identified by me, he then accused me of being Craig Whittaker's campaign manager, much to the amusement of many!)

The second bit of bad behaviour came from Steph Booth herself who decided that, totally out of the spirit of the event, she would mount a personal attack on Craig Whittaker!!!

It was the only such attack of the evening and it offered the opportunity for Craig to sail, in a statesmanlike, way straight over it.

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