Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is this man Wyatt?

Matt Baker, campaign manager for Steph Booth

The photo above shows Steph Booth's campaign manager, Matt Baker, sitting alongside the Labour candidate's husband Tony Booth.

The image was taken at last night's electoral candidates' debate in Lightcliffe as he videoed Conservative candidate, Craig Whittaker.

"Wyatt", as you may know, has been responsible a vast number of smears and bad-mouthing made on the forum of a little-used Todmorden website about anyone or anything that doesn't fully support Steph Booth as the Labour candidate. Obviously, that includes me, but also Chris Ratcliffe who publishes the Hebweb, Janet Oosthuysen who manages the Trades Club, journalist Susan Press, and even Johnston Press (publishers of the Yorkshire Press, Halifax Courier and Hebden Bridge Times.)

The website owner has crossed his fingers and hoped that the average £3000 cost of defamation litigation means that no-one sues him between now and the passing of the 12 month time limit for these types of action.

I have been informed by a number of Labour Party insiders that Wyatt is indeed Matt Baker, and while the evidence is very compelling (considering how incredibly well informed Wyatt is), it is still only circumstantial so far, meaning that any hypothetical legal action would be directed against the website owner personally as the publisher, rather than Wyatt directly.

Any clues anyone?

Also, I would like to go on record as saying that at no point have I threatened libel action against the website via my solicitors Chadwick Lawrence, and any statement to the contrary is also defamatory.

This can be easily confirmed by calling Chadwick Lawrence and asking.


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Anonymous said...

I was banned from the website and my posts removed for suggesting Wyatt and Baker are the same person - I'm not sure what rules I broke there as Wyatt also made a flurry of suggestions regarding possible aliases, yet his posts remained!