Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch "I Concur" when they next play!

I was upstairs at the Hole in t'Wall pub in Hebden Bridge yesterday for a birthday party when I stumbled across an amazing band, I Concur, playing downstairs.

Because of the birthday party, I only got to catch their last few numbers, but they were bloody brilliant!

The music reminds me a bit of some of the very best mid-nineties Indy stuff from bands like the Seahorses, with textured layers of interwoven guitar backed joined by bass and drums that were impersonating the engine room of a battleship, topped off by some great vocals.

I was so impressed I bought their debut CD, Able Archer, which I've now listened to three times already.

According to the band's website (unfortunately for gig-lovers, not regularly maintained):

I Concur formed in Leeds at the tail end of 2006 thanks to a shared love of American indie, slowcore and post rock - bands such as The National, Low, Wilco and Mogwai.

Comprised of Tim Hann (vocals/guitar), James Brunger (drums/vocals), Toby Page (bass) and Chris Woolford (guitar) the band formed from the remnants of other defunct Leeds bands. With a penchant for reverb, delay and distortion the band began blending Hann’s narrative lyrical style with layered barrages of noise.

Their first gig, a low key affair at The Packhorse, Leeds, took place on 15th January 2007. The following May the band released their self produced debut EP ‘Whatever it’s going to be’ containing songs about fraudulent stem cell scientists, political tensions and extinct crocodiles.

The band completed several UK national tours before the band released their debut single, ‘Lucky Jack / Build Around Me’, on Brew Records in March 2008.

A second single for the label, ‘Oblige’, was released in October 2008 produced by Tom Woodhead of ¡Forward, Russia!.

The band released their debut album Able Archer on the shoegaze loving Club AC30 label in October 2009. Produced by James Kenosha (Grammatics, This Et Al) in windswept Bridlington Able Archer tackles themes of cold war nuclear tension, ancient lost languages and characters from the acclaimed HBO series The Wire.
It's worth mentioning that, if you're looking for some great live music from bands on their way up, the Hole in t'Wall has become one of the best venues in the area, and it's always been free to get in, every time I've been there anyway...


Jason said...

The band's website is now updated!

Cathy Davis said...

Nice Blog.

Anonymous said...

more gigs at the hole in t'wall >

thanks for blogging about it :)