Sunday, February 21, 2010

Banker's greed knows no limits

We had a visit from two Lloyds TSB employees a week or so ago, trying to get us to use "invoice discounting", at a cost of at least £600 a month.

One turned up in a convertible Mercedes, the other in a top-of-the-range Audi A8, combined value of at least £70,000.

"Cheeky gits" I thought. "Have they no shame or sense of public awareness?"

Now it looks, from a poll in the Guardian, that they obviously don't.

"The findings come the day before RBS, now 84% owned by the taxpayer, announces its results, with a rumoured £1.3bn set aside for bonus payments despite an expected £5bn loss before tax. Lloyds, which is 43% state-owned, is expected to announce losses between £3bn and £11bn with a bonus pool of £200m."

Come on guys, get with the programme!

How on earth are the workers at Corus in Redcar, or many other places up and down the country supposed to feel when they are losing their jobs and livlihoods, yet the bank boys and girls carry on picking our pockets like this.

Enough is enough.

Greedy bastards!

PS. We are declining their offer by the way...

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