Friday, January 22, 2010

Kate Sweeny - Candidate Profile

The second of my candidate's profile is that of Kate Sweeny, standing for the Green Party in the Calder Valley constituency.

Brief Biography:
"At a national and international level, I think the need to address climate change is becoming ever more pressing. In addition, protecting and enhancing the NHS will always be one of my personal priorities."

Kate was born in York and has lived in the Calder Valley for ten years. She is a Speech and Language Therapist and has spent the last 26 years working mainly in the NHS.

She has been an active member of Calderdale Greens and has seen local membership increase hugely when most political parties are losing members.

Kate joined the Green Party in 2003, "when the invasion of Iraq bounced me off my sofa and onto the top of the (figurative) barricade!"

Kate has been a committed, non-driving environmentalist for more than 20 years. Kate has been working with the local party calling for more 20mph zones, specifically in Todmorden and Triangle.

Kate has a lively correspondence with Sir Bernard Ingham in the Hebden Bridge Times, on the alleged benefits of nuclear power.

"I look forward to advancing the Green agenda over the coming months before the election!"

Kate spent 3 years doing VSO in Fiji, and a year as a tutor at Trinity College, Dublin.

Kate has written six stage plays, one hit the stage with the Red Kettle Theatre Company in Waterford, Ireland.

My experience of Kate:
I have met Kate a few times and, after my initial impression of her as quite shy, was completely stunned by her eloquence, passion and grasp of large amounts of information when I saw her speak publicly. The other thing that strikes me is her incredible politeness, even about people who try and publicly run her down.

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