Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hilary Myers - Candidate Profile

Next in my series of profiles of candidates for the Calder Valley seat is Liberal Democrat candidate, Hilary Myers.

Brief biography:
Hilary was born in Bristol, went to primary school in Trinidad, grammar school in Surrey and university in Reading. Following a varied career as an English teacher in Cairo, a bookseller in Wales and a London and British Isles tour guide, Hilary finally settled in the Calder Valley to raise her family in 1988. She works for a voluntary sector mental health organisation and has a particular interest in disability and employment.

She shares a passion for community engagement and local regeneration with her partner, Dr. Lindsay Smales, a senior lecturer in planning and urban design at Leeds Metropolitan University. Between them they have four young adult children and a border collie.

Hilary has long been inspired by the slogan “Think Global, Act Local”. From working literally at the grass roots as an environmental activist with the Todmorden Riverside Improvement Group (TRIG), she went on to become a board member of Todmorden Together and currently chairs the governing body of the fast-improving Todmorden High School.

In 2003 she became involved in the Upper Calder Valley Renaissance (UCVR) process and led the influential Tourism Action Group until 2006 when Calderdale MBC once again took up responsibility for tourism development. She is also a Director of UCVR Ltd, the pan-community arm of the UCVR Partnership, and is committed to a 25 year vision for achieving well being and prosperity throughout the Calder Valley.

A Calderdale Councillor for Todmorden 2003 – 2004 and a Town Councillor since 2007, Hilary was selected as the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley in June of that year.

What I know of Hilary:
I have only had a couple of conversations with Hilary Myers, but the one thing that has struck me about her, that seems to underscore the various policies she values, is a desire for fairness. Not some idealistic utopian dream, but a deep rooted sense of justice and keeping a level playing field for people.

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