Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, by Sharyn Lock

I am currently reading the amazing book, Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, by Sharyn Lock whose "Tales to Tell" blog I highlighted on these pages over year ago.

Sharyn was in Gaza last winter throughout "Operation Cast Lead" and the occupation by the IDF.

This is the resulting book, based on her experiences as an ISM volunteer, riding on ambulances and hoping her presence as an "international" would discourage the Israeli soldiers from firing on them.

It was a very dangerous thing to do (she has previously been shot and other ISM volunteers have been killed by the Israelis), and she saw more suffering, death and fear than anyone should, but this was a story that had to be shared with the wider world.

What I personally find amazing here is the incredible resilience and positivity of the Palestinian people shining through the pages. Sharyn's humour and compassion, combined with her literary skill as a "page-turner", clearly illustrate the Gazan people as the one of the most "glass full" on the planet!

A short interview with Sharyn can be read here and a BBC interview recorded at the time of the attack is below, together with one for PRESS TV.

The book is available on Amazon but if you really want to help, go to the publishers, where if you use the code FREE GAZA or ISM GAZA, a bit of your payment will be donated to those projects. Alternatively, you can go directly to Sharyn's "Tales to Tell" blog and leave a message asking for a copy and she'll post you one..

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