Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop the BNP winning a Euro seat

On 4th June 2009, the BNP could win a seat in the European Parliament in this region.

It may be hard to imagine but our British (foreigner-hating) Fascists want to join with European Fascists to form a group in the European Parliament. Given the fact that the election is held by proportional representation and turn-out is normally very low, the BNP could easily win one of the six Yorkshire seats with as little as 12% of the vote.

This would be a huge step forward for them in gaining a position in mainstream political debate in this country at a time of great hardship and uncertainty for many people. They would be offered opportunities to spread their message of hatred as yet unseen. They will be able to go into every school in the region as elected representatives.

This is different from our usual elections. It is not a matter of trying to turn people away from the BNP where they have a hold in the community. It is a matter of voting and getting your friends and neighbours to do the same.

So what can you do?

Make sure you are registered to vote - last date for registering is Tuesday 19th May. The Electoral Registration Officer is in Westgate House, Halifax 01422 393059/ 393060 or you can register on line at
You can download a postal vote form here. You'll need to print it and send it in soon (also by 19th May at the latest).

Leaflet your street or neighbourhood - contact Calderdale Unity saying where you want to leaflet and how many leaflets you need.

Invite a Calderdale Unity speaker to a group you are involved with.

If you want more information, email or call 07909842018

For more about Unite Against Fascism and the European elections go to

Do what you can to stop the BNP gaining an MEP in Yorkshire.

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