Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Questions, questions, questions...


As part of the forthcoming Big Green Weekend in Hebden Bridge next weekend, sponsored by British Recycled Products, there will be a debate between all of the parliamentary candidates from the main parties about green issues, or matters relating to sustainability.

As it will be conducted in the same format as Question Time, we would like some questions for the panel to be submitted in advance. It is vitally important that the questions keep to the subject though.

The debate will be chaired at the Methodist Hall (opposite the Co-op) by the Rev Tony Buglass and the panel will comprise;

Steph Booth (Labour),
Craig Whittaker (Conservatives),
Hilary Myers (Liberal)
Kate Sweeny (Green Party)

and be held from 11am on Saturday May 23rd.

All question should be sent, together with contact details, by Tuesday 19th May.


MatGB said...

Minor, but important point. Hilary is the Liberal Democrat party PPC, the Liberal party isn't, to my knowledge, active in the area or likely to put up a candidate, unlike Leeds, Liverpool and Exeter where they still exist.

Wonderful things Google Alerts, was hoping to find a few more local(ish) blogs through them.

Jason said...

You're right.

Liberal Democrat it is.