Thursday, May 21, 2009

Questions for candidates at the Big Green Debate

As you may know, there will be a debate on "Sustainability and other green issues" between all of the main parliamentary candidates this Saturday morning at the Methodist Hall, opposite the Co-op in Hebden Bridge.

These are (most of) the questions that the candidates will be asked, although we have a few prepared to be asked from the floor that the candidates won't get to see in advance, just to test their agility!

"Will each of the candidates commit to working hard with Calderdale Council and the community tosecure the successful implementation of the requirements of the Climate Change Act 2008 for areduction in CO2 emissions of at least 30% by 2020 (that's basically in one decade) - including the retrofitting of every house with energy efficiency measures - which will require very large amounts of funding?"

"Does the "credit crunch" and the recent revelations of dubious expenses claims push the concerns about climate instability further down either the political or personal agenda"?

"The economic and environmental crises that confront us are going to require imagination,
creativity and co-operation if they are to be solved. However, much current political debate
displays a chronic lack of emotional intelligence - the absurd bear pit that is PMQs being a prime
example. What reassurance can the candidates give us that they will put the old tribalism behind
them and behave like grown-ups?"

"Will any candidate support a policy of renationalising the whole rail network and applying
appropriate subsidies to keep fares low as part of a policy of encouraging use of public transport
in order to reduce exhaust emissions?"

"If elected, how would the candidates ensure that disabled people have equal access to a
green/sustainable lifestyle?"

"Sustainability is a broad concept and as such should include community infrastructure. Central
Street in Hebden Bridge is an important community hub, serving many school children from two
schools, a thriving youth provision, a variety of businesses, landowners, residents, and many
people who use the street as a convenient route through the west end of the town. Despite four
years’ of hard work by Hebden Royd Town Council and funding being in place, the eyesore remainsthe same. It is an embarrassment to the town. What action do you think should now be taken to remedy the situation?"

"Would the candidates favour utilising, not only Calderdale's, but Britain's, vast network of
inland waterways for either transportation or social housing?"

"Given that some effects of global warming are inevitable and it is now only a question of degree; is Nuclear Power the only option to secure our future ?"

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