Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cllr John Beacroft-Mitchell and Chris McCafferty MP

Much has been said and written about our elected representatives in Westminster lately, and most of it has been less than complementary.

This being the case, I thought I may as well throw my two penneth into the fray.

When I first decided to put on a Big Green Weekend last year, many people thought I had no chance of pulling it off in ten weeks, and so held back from offering their support as they had no wish to be associated with failure. (You know who you are.)

Chris McCafferty, however, was the VERY FIRST, BAR NONE, to email me straight to offer her whole and unconditional support. Member of her staff in London questioned the wisdom of this but she over-rode them as it was something she felt passionate about. Sure enough, she did what I'd asked and came along and opened the proceedings, as again she did this year.

I hope she enjoys her retirement. It's very well earned in my point of view.

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MatGB said...

Agreed, circumstances prevented me from travelling up yesterday (I'd looked forward to the debate), but it's good to know it went well.

I'll be voting for Hilary at the next GE, but Chris has been bloody good for the area and the country, I wrote to her thanking her for her work on the fertilisation and embryology bill while it went through the Commons, very good cross party campaign. If she were running again, it'd be a very tough choice for voting.