Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flour power hits Hebden Bridge!

The Transition Town Hebden Bridge group are organizing a “Love Bread” day on the 9th May.

A day all about bread. Eating bread. Making bread. Learning about bread. Sharing recipes. Watching demos etc.

They would like to invite more people to help on the day – to help set up from 10am, to make cakes to sell (bring them down before 11am), to serve tea /food, to sell books, chat about Transition Town ideas, staff the raffle, help kids make bread, and generally muck in with the day of bready fun.

The day will feature a variety of bread based foods to eat, a chance to have a hands on experience and make your own bread to bake and take home with you, bread demonstrations, bread related films, an information stall and an exciting bread based raffle.

Thirteen manufacturers control the UK bread market, worth more than £3billion each year. Every day millions of loaves are sold that have travelled hundreds of miles. Only 4% of bread is baked in small local bakeries and 86% is mass-produced.

Mass produced bread is so devoid of life that manufacturers have to add vitamins and minerals. They use enzyme- based processing aids that by law don’t even have to appear on the label. Mass advertising campaigns fool people into believing that this bread is healthy.

So if you believe that mass produced breads is more pollution than nutrition, more profit than nourishment and more chemicals than taste then come along to Central Street School anytime from 11am – 3pm and share favourite recipes, eat locally produced food, have a go at making your own bread or watch other people demonstrating how to do it..

Bake locally and act globally so come on Hebden Bridge and rise to the occasion!

If anyone would like to help out, bake bread or be involved in this day in any way please ring Lizzie on 07880 740773 or email

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