Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Age of Stupid at the Big Green Weekend

The Picture House will be showing "The Age of Stupid" as part of the Big Green Weekend.

Screening Times:

Sunday 24th at 4.30pm
Monday 25th at 7.45pm

It is a 90-minute film about climate change, set in the future, starring Pete Postlethwaite

Shot in seven countries over a period of three years, the film features six separate documentary stories, archive footage and lots of animation.

It was "crowd-financed", with the £450k budget being raised by selling “shares” to 223 individuals and groups. These groups range from a hockey team to a women’s health centre. This is mostly to give it the best chance of reaching a mainstream multiplex audience, but also to retain complete editorial control.

It is also rumoured the the director may come and give a talk before one of the showings but at this stage we are unable to confirm this...

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