Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vacancy for a Communications Assistant

NB. This vacancy has now been filled.

Part Time Communications Assistant
British Recycled Products
20 hours p/w
£6.12 per hour
Based in our Hebden Bridge office

This is initially a part time role, working 20 hours per week, over 4 or 5 days, but has the scope to expand to full-time.

This post represents an incredible opportunity to work in a relaxed environment for an innovative company at the very front line of digital marketing and communications, whilst learning and developing new skills.

Your role would be to maintain a conversation with our past, current and future customers.

You will already need
  • An excellent command of written English
  • A general understanding of, and ability to use, Windows programmes
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • The ability to think creatively
Everything else would be taught on the job...

Your primary role would be updating our presence on numerous websites, blogs and social networking sites, but other areas covered by your role are likely to also include
  • Editing HTML on “flat” websites and in templates
  • Techniques for efficient use of Adobe Photoshop
  • Understanding the importance of forums
  • Data extraction and separation
  • Advanced targeted email communications
  • Copywriting
  • Managing a Youtube channel and editing video footage
  • Understanding and executing Search Engine Optimisation
  • Communication with emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Graphic design and layout techniques
  • Commenting on articles published on third-party websites
  • Developing proactive and reactive strategies to competitors activities
  • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
  • Managing our eBay shop
  • Choosing fonts and colours to appropriate effect

The organisation
British Recycled Products is the trading arm of Green Refurb Limited. We develop commercially viable construction products and outdoor furniture made from 100% British recycled waste, concentrating on rubber and plastic.

We're an environmentally conscious, customer focused company, driven by the desire to create new products and markets for British waste, saving it from landfill and protecting British jobs.

Our business philosophy
Focus on customer needs
We recognise and accept that change is a sure thing. This provides us with the opportunity to be responsive to customer needs and underpins our flexible approach to finding the best alternative to traditional materials and processes.

Simply provide the best solution
Business decisions are seldom between what's right or wrong but rather, what's good or best. With this in mind, we strive to provide the most sustainable solution to the customer, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality must always be at the heart of our our decision-making.

Ethics, people and planet
We support open communication at every level and conduct our business with integrity and honesty. We have strong community links and support the Big Green Weekend, an annual event that encourages sustainable thinking.

The team
You will be joining a small office-based team of four people of one director, one office manager, one book-keeper and you. You will be directly responsible to the director. Our office is in an old mill in Hebden Bridge, in between the River Calder and the Rochdale Canal.

The remuneration
The rate of pay would initially be £6.12 per hour for a 20 hour week with all statutory holiday pay. This will be reviewed periodically.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please email in the first instance, stating why.


kevin said...

£6.12 per hour? Is that a typo Jason?

Jason said...

The job requires no skills other than enthusiasm and the ability to write reasonably well in English.

I was advised that, considering the nature and amount of training that will go into the successful applicant, and the lack of availability of that sort of training anywhere else, that I should offer the role as either an internship or volunteer position.

Maybe that's what you meant? That offering a salary per se was a typo?


kevin said...

Well no offence Jason, but what you are essentially offering is less than £8 per week over the minimum wage, in return for someone with a fairly broad range of marketable skills according to the scope of the tasks involved in the job. Appreciate what you say about the requirements of the position, but surely even the ability to think creatively and "Developing proactive and reactive strategies to competitors activities" alone is worth more than £6.12 per hour? Never mind "An excellent command of written English"!

Perhaps the notion of it being an internship or volunteer role should be a little clearer in the spec?

Jason said...

No offence taken.

I also enjoy a good debate too.

I completely accept that if this was a role that required any of the skills listed to be brought to the table, then the wage would need to be somewhat more substantial.

As it is however, the key is in the words "Everything else will be taught on the job".

The only prerequisites are things that are effectively taught at school as standard. (Last updated on the 2nd of March this year), the National Curriculum for English, Key stage 4, states that "English is vital for communicating with others in school and in the wider world, and is fundamental to learning in all curriculum subjects. In studying English, students develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing that they will need to participate in society and employment. Students learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others confidently and effectively."

All other skills listed after "other areas covered by your role are likely to also include" are indeed highly valuable and you quite correctly point out that they are highly marketable and worth much more than the rate of pay I am offering.

These are hard-won, time-served abilities I possess myself and are precisley why I will be personally teaching them to the successful applicant.

Once trained, whoever gets the job will have the choice of either staying, with more money, or taking their new skillset out to the market.

I firmly believe that skilled creatives should be paid very well, however the post is offering to train one, rather than recruit someone who is already fully trained.

I hope this explains the situation a little more clearly, but feel free to post again if you would like to make another point.


kevin said...

Fully appreciate what you're saying Jason, but I suspect that what the national curriculum says and what it actually delivers are two entirely different things.

All I'm really saying is that I don't think the job spec quite gets the point across that this is (for want of a better word) more of an apprenticeship than anything else. been wrong before though.

Perhaps the comments will clarify it now though.

Jason said...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have made this a little clearer.