Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My friend's invention - Dignity portable bidet commode

One of my friends, Andy Speechley, who's based in Greetland, has recently invented a bidet commode combination, something that will add dignity and a huge quality of life to many disabled people, and stroke sufferers in particular.

The Dignity Commode is a breakthrough in the standard of cleanliness and care available to all who cannot easily access the bathroom. Caring professionals are welcoming this brilliant innovation.

It is a mobile commode for the 21st century delivering auto cleansing and drying at the touch of a button. Take it to any room in the house where it is needed. Or take it with you when you need to visit away from home.

Anyone who needs help getting clean after toileting will find this device a Godsend.

The Dignity Commode has been developed as part of a pilot Healthcare Technology Co-operative project, called "Devices for Dignity" or "D4D", funded by the Department of Health, to address dignity and independence in long term conditions.

At the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the D4D team have created the Dignity Mobile Bidet Commode, which is now being manufactured by Independent Care Products Ltd.
Visit bidetcommode.com or call 0845 459 7306

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