Sunday, March 22, 2009

Effective and targeted micro advertising

Of course we all know about the Hebweb's local news service and the excellent forum, but don't forget about their highly effective small ads if you're trying to reach a local audience.

I have a couple of ads running at the moment and, at only a tenner a month, it's pretty hard to beat!


kevin said...

Well Jason, you could easily beat that by placing your classified ad in the Hebden Bridge List. It's £2.50 a month for a basic advert, only a quarter of what Hebweb charged you. Also, you're not limited by only having 35 words to play with. And you can bookmark the ad, email it to a friend, or add it to a social bookmarking/networking service such as Delicious or Facebook as well.

Not too mention that the Hebden Bridge List is also being supported by Pay Per Click advertising across every section as well, so that it gets more website traffic than Hebweb too.

For a paltry £25 for the month, you can even advertise a property for sale or rent, with a full schedule and up to 7 large photographs. You can even add a PDF download of your property schedule, if you have one. One customer had a viewing arranged within days, and it was the only ad that she'd placed.

And for about £5 a month, you could currently add your business to the Hebden Bridge List business directory for a whole year, complete with logo, a full company profile and all contact details.

Jason said...

Never let it be said that I'm biased!


kevin said...

Never! LOL! Very gracious of you Jason.

kevin said...

Oh, and it's actually only £15 a month for a property, or £25 for 3 months. If you can edit comments, great, if not I'll just have to hope people read past the first few.