Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book keeping for local businesses

I'm not really in the habit of recommending people, but I just thought I would take the opportunity to plug the services of Hebden Bridge's very own "Book-keeper on a Bike", Mike Stocks.

Mike has been doing a sterling job for me over the last couple of years, taking scrunched up handfulls of receipts and bits of paper and tranforming them into intelligible accounts that Customs & Excise, Companies House and the Inland Revenue can all make sense of. Quite remarkable really!

Not only has he been doing this for me, he also does the books for a number of other organisations and individuals, including the Trades Club, the Alternative Technology Centre, and Ethical Consumer magazine.

Unlike conventional accountants though, he bases his hourly charge on the going rates for skilled industrial workers.

Luckily for Hebden Bridge, he has decided to make room in his schedule for a few more clients so, if your books are in a bit of a mess, or just "not really your thing", why not give him a call on 0796 3428 208 and have a chat to see if he can help you.

You can see his website at

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