Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Blogging Beacroft-Mitchells Tweet!

Hebden Bridge has another pair of bloggers.

Jo and John Beacroft-Mitchell, known to many as local councillors, are now both blogging and twittering.

Jo's blog and Twitter feed are more to do with life in general, being a Mum and living in the Upper Calder Valley, whereas John's blog and tweets are more inclined to be political observations.

Check them out!


tony said...

I have Company! :)

JohnBM said...

I've been a sporadic blogger for a while, tending more towards fits and starts than daily posting.

Listening to the Today programme whilst having my breakfast usually gears me up for posting a rant, particularly if it's Anne Atkins on Thought for the Day.

Since getting an iPod touch for Xmas I've rediscovered the delights of blogging, being able to draft something on the bus into work and posting when in range of the wireless router.

Thanks for the plug.