Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The "Youth of Today" in the Calder Valley

For those people who are constantly worrying about our young people being drunk in the parks and "intimidating" people, I have come across good evidence that this far from the case everywhere.

I was out photographing people the other day for my 500 faces project when I came across Billy Painter who edits the Painter's Chronicle.

I should explain that Billy is 16 years old and, between him and a large number of friends (including Callum Paramor, Isaac Rose and Johnny McQuade who I also photographed), he produces a digital magazine that is erudite, topical, witty and wise.

I must admit that I was staggered by the level of writing (which probably shows what an out-of-touch old fogey I am) but, although it is aimed at their peers, it provides a cracking read for young and old alike.

So, if you're concerned that the "youth of today" will send the world to hell in a hand cart, take it from me, don't be.

Click here to download (as a pdf) the Christmas Edition of the Painter's Chronicle, and be reassured that the future is in safe hands.

To receive more editions you must sign up to their mailing list, which you can do by emailing info@painterschronicle.co.uk .

The next edition is planned to be released on 11th April 2009 and this will be an Easter Special with a special feature on the Pace-Egg Plays.

Billy has also asked me to mention the very cool T-shirts which can be seen and ordered on the website for a mere £5.99!

The Painter's Chronicle Facebook group is here too.

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Kerry McQuade said...

Glad you've picked up on the insane and delightful Painter's Chronicle. I love it, not that I'm biased.

Kerry McQuade