Monday, February 16, 2009

Transition Town Centre at BGW09

The Transition Town Project in Hebden Bridge is trying to bring the community together to achieve a collective vision and practical plan of action of how Hebden Bridge could become a sustainable town, that all of the community can participate in if they choose to.

They are planning a big launch for later this year, but prior to this, as part of the Big Green Weekend, HBTT will be having a big awareness raising event that is accessible to all of the community to help everyone understand what the concept of transition town is.

Planning is still at early stages, but their intention is to take over a location in central Hebden Bridge for the duration of the Big Green Weekend.

They would then turn the carpark into a mini vision of a sustainable Hebden Bridge by transforming it into an amazing community area powered by renewable energy.

On the table so far are a wide range of proposals, including:
  • A Solar powered Cinema.
  • A solar powered band stage.
  • A local organic cafe.
  • An animal area, pigs and chickens...
  • Trees and planters growing fruit and veg.
  • A community Baking competition (with prizes for the best locally sourced baked thing) judged by our local food experts.
  • Marquee with workshops on how the whole space is powered, keeping chickens and pigs, build a beautiful compost toilet, wild food production, forgotten food skills, permaculture
  • Solar soundsystems
  • Bike race starting and ending at the space.
  • A 'free swap shop' – bring your quality gear that you don't want and swap with someone else.
This will bring real vibrancy and variety into the very heart of Hebden Bridge, and give the Big Green Weekend an extra dimension.

Watch this space and see how the plans develop!

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