Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Street Angels Applications

Rev Marcus Bull from Hope Baptist Church is still looking for more volunteers for the Hebden Bridge Street Angels project.

Rev Bull said: "It is very exciting and I am so encouraged at the support we have received from everyone. But we need more people to help make it happen. We are calling on people to take responsibility for Hebden Bridge and do something about the problems with alcohol in the town ourselves. We have got about 14 volunteers at the moment but we are looking for double the number to create a pool of support."

The Angels will operate on a Friday night from around 8pm until midnight and use the Hope Baptist Church as their base.

Rev Bull said: "We will most likely be operating in teams of threes with some out on patrol and others at base providing teas and coffees. We will not be there to break up fights or take alcohol off people but to help people keep safe and protect vulnerable youngsters. I have been out on patrol with the Angels in Halifax and the presence of three people walking down the street in high-visibility jackets has a hugely calming effect."

In Halifax, the Street Angels scheme has contributed to a 42 per cent reduction in violent crime in the town centre.

Although the project is Christian it is stressed people do not need to be Christians to take part.

You can download an application form here which should be sent as soon as possible to:

Marcus Bull,
3 Longstaff Court,
Hebden Bridge,

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