Monday, February 2, 2009

Janet Oosthuysen Poll Results

In view of Janet's comments on the Hebweb forum, I have decided to close the poll I have been running here, rather than muddy the waters.

However, these are the results, in order of highest first, to the question "Should Janet Oosthuysen stand as an independent at the next General Election?"

No, it'll split Labour and let the Tories in for sure - 42%
Yes, and I'm likely to vote for her - 40%
No, Craig Whittaker has it sown up - 7%
No, I will be voting Green if someone stands - 4%
Yes, but I doubt I'll vote for her - 4%
No, Hilary Myers has it for the Lib Dems - 0%
Who cares? Politicians are all the same - 0%
I'm too lazy to vote, except for X-Factor of course! - 0%

It was an interesting exercise and many thanks to all of you who participated.

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