Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interview with H Gregg

How long have you lived in the Upper Calder Valley?
Since 1987 - OMG that's 21 yrs!

Where is your favourite place, personally, in the Upper Calder Valley?
My home

Who, in the local community, is your "Local Hero"?
No more heroes any more!

What do you think this area should be most proud of?
People speaking their mind - firmly

If you could wave a magic wand and change three things in the area, what would they be?
Only one thing, the introduction of 'Thinking' as a subject in schools - the other two will be sorted out by the community if it cares enough to do so

What is your general occupation?
Signs, designs, t-shirts, badges, mugs, photography and anything to do with VW Camper Vans

What is the most satisfying bit about what you do?
People appreciating it

What is the most frustrating part about what you do?
That a day is only 24 hours long

What was your very first job?
Worked in a Spar shop

How do you relax?
Beer, thinking and t'internet

What's the best film you've seen recently?
2001 a Space Odyssey - not much any real substance since that (if you understand what he was on about)

What is your favourite food?
Anything that didn't once have a face and has a lot of very hot chilli in it

If you were Prime Minister, what’s the very first thing you would do?
Replace monarchy with *true* anarchy

As cheap and easily available oil is expected to run out in the next couple of decades, what do you think will be the predominant form of transport in 2030? Quantum teleportation - 21 years is a long time in science

Have you got any guilty carbon secrets?
Coal fire on cold winter days

What have you done, personally, that you were most proud of?
Brought up 4 amazing (thinking) people

What single issue are you most concerned about in the world at large?
Lack of justice

Which person in the public eye do you most admire and why?
Tony Benn

What are your three favourite websites of the moment?
Hebweb and my own two sites (Blue B Graphics and the VDub Shop)

Thank you H.

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