Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facebook and other communication methods

If you're not on Facebook already, I understand totally.

I was that soldier, as they say.

I really didn't want to waste my time on some commercial chatroom.

But it really isn't like that at all, as I found out.

Eventually, I was nagged into it by Chris Ratcliffe who runs the Hebweb and, to be honest, it's an incredible tool for keeping up with people you know (in my case, a zillion cousins), not to mention spreading information and campaigning. It's so much easier to than having to actually ASK what people are up to; you just KNOW...

Go on, take the plunge, it worth it. You'll be surprised about how many people you already know are on there.

You can create real, viral networks, about ANYTHING, just by using the groups tool, and, in my opinion, it has reached a critical mass where it has now "escaped from its box" and is one of the fundamental cornerstones of current and future communication.

See you there...

PS. I'm also on Twitter, which is next...

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