Monday, January 19, 2009

Hebden Royd Fairtrade Steering Group Meeting on 7th January 2009

Present: Helen Parnell, Rachel Terry, Graham Heafford, Elsa Fairbanks, Sue Bladon (Central Street Primary School), Hazel Bone (Hebden Royd Quakers)

1. Purpose of the group.
The Hebden Royd Fairtrade Forum had been in existence since 2002, primarily as a campaigning action group working towards Hebden Royd achieving Fairtrade Town status and increasing awareness and availability of fair-trade products. As fair-trade had become much more mainstream and part of the work of many other organisations, it was agreed that it was now appropriate for the Forum to change to a Steering Group, primarily to exchange information and to promote co-ordinated approaches. This would also satisfy the requirements of continued Fairtrade Town status that such a group existed.

2.Frequency and focus of meetings.
It was agreed that the Steering Group should normally meet at the White Lion 3 times per year (venue to be booked), on the second Wednesday of the months of January, June and October. In 2009 these would be 7th January, 10th June and 14th October. Occasional additional task-specific meetings could be arranged if needed.

In recognition of the many other demands on members’ time, work would be restricted to achievable realistic activity. The provisional focus of the scheduled meetings would be:
JanuaryFairtrade Fortnight
June – links with local businesses e.g. re-supply of `We offer fair-trade products’ window signs
October – taking stock + possibly a speaker of interest to the Steering Group’s wider constituent membership – to discuss in June


Membership would be open to anyone interested, but would ideally include current members of the Fairtrade Forum plus representatives of:
Hebden Royd Quakers – via Hazel
Churches Together – via Roger
Hebden Royd Town Council – nomination awaited – to chase up
Local primary schools – via Sue
Co-op Members Group – via Janet Oosthuysen
Co-op Regional Management – via Elsa
Local businesses – via Helen

E-mail communication was primarily via the e-group set up by Roger. It was necessary for new members to go through a short process to add themselves to this. Details to be circulated re. how to do this.
The Group also had a public contact e-mail (, although this was little-known and Rachel stated that nothing had been received for some time. There was also a Fairtrade Forum page on the Hebweb. It was agreed that as the directory was now very out of date with little prospect of updating, it should be removed from the web-page.

Helen to create a lockable noticeboard in Spirals for fair-trade information exchange/forthcoming events.

Graham reported as Treasurer that the Group currently had approx. £400 available funds to support its work.

6.Fairtrade Fortnight 2009. Feb. 23rd to March 8th

Order Resources Packs in advance from FT Foundation.
Drop-in information room plus samples on 28th Feb at Spirals or Earth Spirit.
Staffing + baking + FT recipes at above by the Quakers.
Shared interest stall/info. at above.
Loan of display boards for above
Competition for primary school children "list the most outlets selling FairTrade logo-branded products" – design and distribute form, entries to Spirals by 23rd Feb., arrange prize + award for the winning child’s school e.g. staffroom
Press release with FT logo in Hebden Bridge Times on 26th Feb. and follow up on competition on 5th March.
FT Town banner across Picture House entrance

7.The Big Green Weekend
Late May Bank holiday weekend – Helen involved in Planning Group and to circulate information in due course.

8.Next meeting. 10th June 2009.

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