Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kerbside Update

The following information was supplied by Paul Branningan, Chief Executive of Kerbside.

Kerbside went back to the council and Sita with the community's view that any deal must include the kerbside recycling collections. The council have not responded, but Sita have:

"Paul, further to your email to Jonathan Phillips on the 2nd December 2008, I am emailing you to now confirm SITA UK Ltds position.

As you have clarified that the offer of undertaking bulky waste collections on our behalf as part of the contract is conditional on carrying on with kerbside recycling collections, we will therefore be unable to secure a deal moving forward. Following the recent re-opening of negotiations, SITA UK Ltds position has been clear that Kerbside (Calderdale) carrying on with recycling collections as part of the contract was not an option.

For your information we have also informed the Council of our position.


Nick Browning General Manager SITA UK"

Once we knew we had no contract anymore, we put a 2 year strategy in place in July 08. That strategy works whether we can continue collections or not. It is clear that reason, common sense and the common good hold no sway with the Calderdale cabinet. What does though is hitting targets. Hence we are encouraging 2 things:

  • write to CMBC stating that irrespective of Kerbside's survival you will not use the council recycling service
  • return your green box to the Town Hall or a communal collection point for bulk delivery to the Town Hall, we cannot touch the green boxes so we are relying on the community to set them up and let us know where they are so we can inform others

The cabinet will continue to walk over the people they represent unless they are taking some pain. There aren't many opportunities to deliver this pain, but the recycling target is a golden opportunity. I don't care what colour someone's political shirt is, but cabinet members all wear blue shirts. The cabinet holds the power, the Conservatives hold the power. It is likely that retention of power is high up in their list of priorities so I guess the potential loss of power in local or national elections is something that may cause them to act and avoid the pain of loss of power.
The cabinet is made up of:
Cllr Ian Cooper - Community Services (we have massive support from the officers in community services, but have heard nothing from this cabinet member)
Cllr Craig Whittaker - Children (Conservative Candidate for the next election)
Cllr Graham Reason - Recycling and Adults with Learning Disabilities (a perfect fit with Kerbside). Graham recently expressed his displeasure at what Kerbside does, despite repeated refusals to visit us. Is this why we have had so many problems?
Cllr Baines - Leader
Cllr Byrne - Regen
Cllr Hall - Deputy Leader
Cllr Kirton - .Corporate Services

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