Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Minutes of Transition Hebden meeting 22nd November 2008

A decision was made to move the large meetings to once every 3 months and make them more celebratory, putting responsibility for moving things forwards on the working groups. As a result the next meeting will be on the Saturday 10th Jan 2009, probably at the Hope Church. More details will follow when they are finalised.

Also, some interesting information came up about the sustainable communities act, which is a chance for local communities to have more say in their communities, but only if the local council opts in.

Also as a reminder. There are currently three main working groups, with a forth forming. If you want to be involved please contact the main contact for that group.

Co-ordination and process.
Outreach and events.
Mapping / networking.
Email and website.

Minutes of 22nd November 2008

A very low attendance at this meeting. Attending were; Gordon Rimer, Gwen Goddard, Sky, Nicole and Sonna Wickenden, Antony Shearn, Rachel, Helene Fletcher, Guy Rees.

  1. Warm up session with Nicole. Everyone shared what the best thing was that had happened to them that week.

  2. Sky on co-ordination and process group.

      1. Compared Transition town model with Climate camp models to decide on the process we should be using at our large meetings. At present we are using a muddle of both and the process group felt that we were floundering around a lot.

        1. Transition Town method works with a small steering group with open agendas.

        2. Climate Camp model, works with larger groups using consensus decision making. Which needs a tight agenda prepared for the large meeting and effective facilitation.

        3. Suggested that the main group meet once every three months and make a celebratory event of it, with food. The only decisions that are made are ones that have to involve the whole group, the consensus method would continue to be used for this.

        4. The main focus is placed on the working groups. Most decisions are to be dealt with by the working groups that are responsible for them.

        5. A small monthly meeting would happen, attended by one or two representatives from each of the working groups for co-ordination and preventing overlaps. It would not be in their remit to make decisions that the whole group needs to be involved with.

        6. Suggested that if someone is passionate about a particular issue then they should ensure that they are involved with the group that is responsible for making decisions about that issue and not expect other people to take up their cause for them.

  3. Mapping/networking group update presented by Helene

      1. They've had two meetings

      2. Lots of groups to contact with some placed as networking groups themselves

      3. No new date for next meeting.

      4. Need to start visiting groups

      5. Gwen thought that TT's networking efforts might be over lapping with Alternative Technology Centre's Happy Valley project. Suggested we talk with Poly Weber.
  4. Outreach/events group.

      1. No one present from this group
      2. Rachel presented a working copy of the logo that the outreach group had asked her to work on for the Newsletter. It was well received.

      3. Gwen suggested making badges that could be handed out.

  5. Discussions and proposals

      1. Agreed on proposal for the large meeting to be roughly every three months as above.
      2. Gwen thought we would benefit from Polly giving us a talk on Sustainable Communities Act which was followed by Guy providing a lot of information about it. There is an opt in clause and he suggested lobbying Hebden Royd Council to do just that. Nicole agreed to prepare the information for sending out with the minutes.

      3. How does 'Hebden Transition Town' overlap with pre-existing groups - territorial issues?

      4. Sky on cleaning up email lists . . . people are being missed. Gordon suggested setting up of an online discussion forum, something like Google groups or, better still, a facebook group. Sky, Ian, Richard and Rachel have previously expressed interest in starting a group for managing the email list and website.

      5. What do we call ourselves discussion.

          1. Calder Valley Transition . . . includes without asking permission from other communities and is a larger task to engage with for what at present is a small group.

          2. Hebden Bridge Transition Town . . . could be viewed as excluding neighbour areas.

          3. Most in the meeting lean towards Hebden rather than Calder but decided decision on this can not be made without larger representation.

  6. Next big meeting set for Saturday 10th Jan 2009. suggested venue, Salem Community Centre Cafe. Gwen to chase. Alternative, Hope St, Nicole to investigate.

  7. Next Co-ordination and Process meeting Fri 5th Dec @ Bar Place 8pm

  8. Closing circle led by Nicole. Everyone sharing what they had got from the meeting, what they were disappointed about and what they were looking forward to,

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