Saturday, October 25, 2008

Minutes of Hebden BridgeTransition Town meeting 19th Oct 08

Hebden Bridge - Transition Town

Present - Keith Wilson, Nader Fekri, Sky Wickenden, Penny Eastwood, Guy Rees, Christina Hooley, Bear, Gordon Rimer, Emma Watson, Janey Nightingale, Hazel Draper, Anne Handley, Paul Cotton, Susan Quick, Gwen Goddard, Joanna Dornan, Sally Chesworth, Sarah Bembridge, Gill Chadwick, Helene Fletcher, Nicole Wickenden (and baby).

1. Bear gave an introduction to the meeting and outlined the agenda.

2. Meaning of Transition Town - Hazel read out a prepared statement:
A transition town is a town which imagines a positive future for itself. A future which has addressed the challenges of climate change and peak oil to create a just and sustainable community. The town then takes that vision and invites all members of the community to design how this positive future can be made a reality.

3. Group session 1
In small groups ‘snapshots’ were created of what a Transition Town Launch would look like in terms of visuals, people’s thoughts, formal inputs and overheard comments.
After feedback it was agreed that a launch of a transition initiative would be organised.

4. Group session 2
In self-selected separate small groups the elements of Process & Co-ordination, Networking and Outreach were explored and identified.
After feedback it was agreed each sub-group would provide a definition of its role, this to be e-mailed urgently to the Process sub group contact (Gordon Rimer at Gordon at The Process sub-group would combine this information into an e-mail to all on the contact list, inviting expressions of interest in joining any of the sub groups. Contacts for each sub group to be included.

5. Plenary session
a) It was agreed that the launch of a Transition Town initiative would take place two weeks after the Big Green Weekend provided no other major event was scheduled for that time. Proposed date 6 or 7 June 2009

b) It was agreed that the Transition Town model should be adopted.

c) The process & Co-ordination sub group was asked to put a high priority on attending to the psychology and dynamic of group functioning within meetings.

The meeting closed at 5 p.m.

Date of next meeting - Saturday 22 November at 1 p.m.
Venue to be confirmed.
Optional bring and share meal at 12 noon.

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