Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#2 from Leila, fishermen & my comrades quite literally in the shit

Shooting and water canon has continued daily, but now the Israeli gunboats have
added a new tactic: they've added the contents of their boats' toilet systems
to the water canons.

Vik was out on a 24 hour fishing shift which involved a variety of attacks
including this, which happened at 4 miles out from the Gaza shore. I might as
well stop bothering to refer to Israel's randomly & illegally imposed 6 mile
fishing limit (Gaza waters go out 12 miles, and then it's international waters)
since they don't stick to it in any way themselves - on the 20th, they were
actually firing on onto the beach too.

At least one of the fishermen was vomiting as a result, and there is a concern
about the likelihood that formaldehyde was also included since that's what's
often used for contained loo systems.

If you go to you can see
footage of recent attacks on fishing boats...

and hear some traditional singing during Gaza olive picking.



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