Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I seem to have spent quite a bit of the last couple of years emailing out snippets of info about things, mainly events of one type or another, that I find interesting out to the the good people of Hebden Bridge.

Whilst I will continue to do this for important matters, some of the more emphemeral events or pieces of news that I am sent that do not make it into my emails will also be posted here (along with my main news).

I would humbly suggest that you may like to click on the orange RSS button to subscribe and that way you will be automatically updated.

If you have any news you would like me to publish, please don't hesitate to send it through to me, and while I can't make any promises, the chances are that it will make it onto these pages.

Please note, this is a bit of a sideline for me and is in no way any kind of substitute for the Hebweb which I would always recommend (along with the Hebden Bridge Times) as your first port of call when taking the pulse of the town!

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