Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Transition Movie Needs YOU!

The people in the engine room of the Transition Towns movement are really thrilled to be announcing a new initiative by the Transition Network. You've seen The End of Suburbia, The Power of Community and Crude Awakening.... Well, they now have some funding to make a film about Transition, and after much contemplation, they have come up with a way to make it which they think best reflects the Transition ethos. In essence, the idea is that rather than having one camera crew spend months trudging around the many Transition initiatives around the world, hoping fortuitously to stumble across interesting things happening just at the time they happen to turn up, the idea is instead that the initiatives themselves make the film. In the best spirit of 'We-Think' and collaborative thinking, they want Transition initiatives across the world to record their stories, their dramas, their successes and failures, for 3 months between October 1st and the end of the year. They think it will lead to the creation of a film which is truly extraordinary.

The idea is that they provide some training, some digital tapes, a Transition Movie Hotline and a great deal of support and enthusiasm, and then you produce a record of what you are up to. They are working with Smith and Watson productions, who have made a number of films for the BBC, and with independent film-maker Emma Goude, who will have the unenviable task of sorting through the mountains of footage and producing an epoch-capturing, life-changing movie from it.

They want this film to be a celebration of the possibilities of the new media at our disposal, as well as being a celebration of the amazing work you are all doing out there catalysing your communities around responses to peak oil and climate change. This is an appeal to the creativity and artistry that is out there in the Transition community. There is a lot more detail here, and a beginner's guide to filmmaking here. They will shortly announce the dates and locations of the filmmaking workshops. So, this is setting you all a challenge.... let's see what happens!! For more information contact Emma Goude on 01803 863928 (mornings only), or you can email emmagoude@hotmail.com

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