Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hebden Bridge – Transition Town

After the day meeting on the 31st August entitled “Hebden Bridge – Transition Town?” where there was lots of talking and exploring of ideas, and sharing of thoughts and food, it was felt there was a need to organise another meeting to make some decisions about whether the group wants to work together towards being more of a coherent sustainable town, how to go about this and how to start working on it.

So the group has booked the Hope Baptist Church again and the meeting is on Saturday 27th September 1 – 5 pm.

There will be tea and coffee and biscuits (that’s a good reason to come in itself!) and there will be people there from 12.30pm if you want to come early and make a drink so that proceedings can begin on time.

There is an agenda for the day and it goes something like this:

1.00 - 1.15pm – Welcome and Introductions
1.15 – 1.50pm – Visioning Exercise on how people would like to see Hebden Bridge as a sustainable town.
1.50 – 2.00pm – Short presentation on “What is a Transition Town?” (For an overview, click here.)
2.00 – 2.45pm – Should the name Transition Town be adopted for this vision of a sustainable Hebden Bridge?
2.45 – 3.00pm - Teabreak
3.00 – 3.30pm – Discussion on idea of a launch.
3.30 – 4.30pm – Formation of Temporary Working Groups that would focus on getting as many people as possible to hear about these ideas and have input into them, in a run up to a launch.
4.30 – 5.00pm – Closing Circle, including summary of day and plans for what next.
5.00pm - more tea if necessary!

A lot of the discussions will be had in small groups so more people feel relaxed at speaking and the feedback will be documented and decisions made.

I really hope you can come. Whether you were at the last meeting or not. No matter how informed you are. It’s a really exciting process and you can be part of it in a way that you chose. If you know of others who would like to be involved let them know as well.

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